Plan details

We have monthly, half-yearly and yearly plans.They are listed below. Note these plans behave like existing distro feature where tutorials at containers timed-out after specific period.With these plans you get a dedicated VM with specific time-intervals. Also note these plan rates only for early birds, when we go public these rates will go up, so if you plan to join few months later then re-consider :)
* Dedicated vm with root access! - do whatever you want! 

VM Preview

Storage Cloud Database Security/Others
Partition with fdisk OpenStack Basics #PostgreSQL Administration #Understanding strace
Swap Basics OpenStack Glance #PostgreSQL Performance #git Basics
LVM Basics OpenStack Cinder #MongoDB Admin #svn Basics
ACL Basics OpenStack nova commandline #Mysql Maria Migration #System monitoring
Setup RAID OpenStack Cinder commandline Setup custom yum repo
XFS Basics OpenStack Glance commandline Apache Vhosts
Ext3FS Basics Docker Basics
Ext4FS Basics Docker Images
Setup NFS Puppet Basics
#File Recovery OpenStack Swift Cli
#fsck Basics
#Mount command
We have more than 24hrs in a day to fill-in these! yes, we are working from planet Venus.
and also note we use DevStack for OpenStack sessions.
#topicname indicate these topics are under review and in-progress.

Known issues

* Since we are launching a real VM, its will take 3 to 5 minutes (worst-case 10 minutes) to setup the VM with required software's and hardware's. You can check the status from distro page itself. We are looking into improving this.
* Once in a blue-moon, there's is risk of VM going down without any notice (due to the fact, at backend we use thiry-party cloud environment), in such case, you need to re-launch/restart the tutorials again. Sorry for inconvenience in-advance :)


* When you launch a tutorial, you may end-up getting no tutorial or no VM or worst-case a Windows VM !! We work hard to provide you with nice platforms, but we can't guarantee everything will always work perfectly. This site is presented as-is,without warranties.


If you're unsatisfied for any reason, you can cancel your paid account within the first 7 days and request a full refund, no questions asked.

Payment options!

hello there, Still here? Then as you might noticed, we don't have SSL certificates (yet), so your transaction will be handled at SSL protected paypal webpage!
Don't worry, money can't change our opensource roots :) So go ahead and join us!
Pay with PayPal
We removed "Pay with Gumroad" option, as we consider them as fraud. Write to us if you need more details.

Processing time

It will take us few hours (between 12 to 18 hours) to setup your account. Please be patient.